Top 6 Most Trusted YouTube Golf Gear Review Channels for 2021

By Lucy Take

With 90 percent of people saying that they discover new products on YouTube, you’ll want to head to the most trusted YouTube Reviewers to see a real review of a product. With more and more influencers pawning off sponsored products like it’s the best in the market, it’s easy to see why the internet is saturated with the same ‘ol heavily marketed products every other influencer is touting. You want to see a thorough review that features both the benefits and the problems. You want a reviewer that knows that product’s competition and how it compares in performance and price. You want a reviewer that actually reviews a number of products not just “reviews” sponsored wares to make their sponsors happy. Golf gear reviewers are no different. The Most Trusted Golf Gear Review YouTubers is a short list. 

At number 6 is Golf Monthly. It is a UK based golf magazine with a website and YouTube channel owned by TI Media. At 100K subscribers, Golf Monthly posts both tips and reviews twice a week. Being owned by a media company means that the reviewers are employees. They can come and go and may or may not have a connection to their audience like a pure YouTuber.

At number 5 is Mark Crossfield. This UK golf pro is the original Golf YouTuber and publishes his share of Reviews. At 332K subscribers, Crossfield posts 4 – 5 times a week. Being one of the top reviewers has some benefits and drawbacks. The benefit is that he gets big golf sponsorship deals – good for him. The drawback is that he gets big golf sponsorship deals which can make his reviews a tad bit biased, not necessarily but could be bad for reviews; his current sponsorship deal is with Srixon/Cleveland/XXIO. His previous sponsorship deal was with Titleist back in 2017.

At number 4 is Golficity. This is your classic YouTuber, two dudes from Jersey, Michael and his cousin, Frank. These guys created Goficity in 2012 because they genuinely enjoy the game. At 40K subscribers, they post 3 times a week  with podcasts, vlogs, and true product testing and reviews for regular golfers.

At number 3 is My Golf Spy. At this US based channel, Adam Beach seems to be the guy in charge and is often reviewing products with a few of his employees. Their claims are that they are data based and “proudly unbiased” which is difficult if not impossible since we’re all biased in one way or another, but they affirm that they do not receive ad revenue from big golf companies – a big plus for those looking for honest reviews. Most of the reviews are podcast style, talking through a lot of their reviews, but with some looking around, I didn’t really see them actually using the equipment on the course or actually playing or hitting. At 38.3K subscribers, they post about once a week.

At number 2 is Mr. ShortGame. This guy is the #1 Golf Product Reviewer in the US. With 167K subscribers posting three times a week, there’s really no US competitor in terms of golf gear product review. He is another classic golf YouTuber, started golfing at 18, walked onto a college team, reviews a ton of equipment from the hottest new Titelist drivers to the wood putter made by some guy in Hawaii. Nothing is too big and no one is too small for this guy to review. Free of big golf company sponsors like My Golf Sky, typical YouTuber affiliate links, this guy puts his products to the test with Trackman numbers and course play testing.

In the number 1 spot in the world for the Most Trusted YouTube Golf Gear Reviewer is none other than UK’s Rick Shiels. At 1.41M subscribers and posting four times a week, this is golf’s top dog. No one comes close to this guy when it comes to Golf Product Reviews. He is the first golf YouTuber to surpass one million subscribers. He began golfing at 11 years old and took the traditional PGA training at 18 and was a qualified professional at 21. He is a golf coach and has his golf academy in Lytham in the UK. He set the standards on golf reviews giving viewers the numbers and testing they were looking for. He uses his gear on the course and reviews not only the top new gear, but popular and “buget” gear for the regular golfer. He and his team values “independence and impartiality” as one of their goals.

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  1. I have been watching you for a couple years on YouTube. I just found your website.
    I watched your training aid video, it was interesting.
    I wanted to get the Martin Chuck one. I used your link and was almost done but the MrShortGame code didn’t work.
    I think I may want to get some lessons soon. I liked the V1 app and use it myself but I’m not good with all the lines.

  2. I have spent some dough and tried to do things up right using your videos as some of my guidance. My build is basically done, gotta rearrange some carpets and the hitting mat a bit but all the main work is complete. After watching your video on the LK953st I pulled the trigger on that and although it took forever (many weeks) it finally arrived. What I can’t figure out is how to get a good picture in 4k. I have tried everything and I just don’t know what I am doing wrong. Here is a summary of what I am trying to do and what is actually happening. I suspect this is due to my lack of windows 10 knowledge and my first time with a real gaming pc setup and zero experience with a high end video card GPU.

    My specs:
    Alienware R11 with Nvidia RTX 3080.
    Alienware AW3821DW widescreen monitor (3840×1600)
    BENQ LK953st projector 4k

    Have a friend in the industry who got me this PC/monitor setup refurbished at basically half price of retail so I jumped on it seeing as the 3080 should future proof me for quite a while and it will easily handle the 4k I need for the projector. But, I have no idea how to utilize the GPU properly into the projector or even if I should or need to. So far I haven’t done anything related to the GPU with the projector.

    My issues:

    1)I want to have my monitor and my projector both show the same thing on their respective screens but everytime I duplicate the screens using windows the projector screen only shows the duplicate at the size of the monitor view. What I mean is that the duplicate screen doesn’t fill my projector screen because the picture comes over at the monitor resolutions and it can’t be switched as the monitor doesn’t have the same resolution options of the 4k projector.

    2) I could live with not being able to have the computer and projector show the golf but I see so many others able to do this, I can’t figure out why I can’t. But even if I do just use the projector screen as my main golf screen leaving the monitor out of it, I can’t even get close to having a 4k image on the projector screen. I have checked the resolution and the refresh rates and they are good but still a crappy picture. Can you help me with the settings to get the vivid picture like you have in your review video? What settings do you have in windows, on the projector, and on your nvidia GPU to get this done right?

    3) When I extend the screens through windows rather than duplicate and bring the picture over to the extended screen through windows, all the same issues from 1 and 2 still are present.

    I loved the projector in your review and I am happy I bought it still but honestly I am not even close to getting good results with it and I don’t know what to try to fix it. If you can help me I’d really appreciate it.


    -Eric Clarke


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