Top 10 Golf YouTubers of 2020

In 2020, millions sought relief, refuge, and plain ‘ol recreation out on the golf course. As beginners to lifelong golfers headed out to the course, The National Golf Foundation estimates over 50 million more rounds were played in 2020 than 2019, the second highest increase of any reported year. And who doesn’t enjoy playing their best golf game? Isn’t that what seduces golfers back to the course time after time? Conventional golf instruction has had its day, but millions, literally millions are now turning to the biggest social media platform on the planet, none other than YouTube for golf instruction. Who are the most popular, entertaining, and effective golf instruction YouTubers out there?  

10. Golf Sidekick. Coming in at number 10, this South African has a cult following. Living in Thailand, this guy gives great basic playing instructions. His description touts, “Everyday golfers showing everyday golfers how we play golf. not too much talking just golf shots and thought processes.” Golf Sidekick comes in at 121K subscribers, posting about twice a week, and his videos get hundreds of thousands of views.

9. Eric Cogorno Golf. This guys provides precise golfing instruction and coaching. His description reads, “Here you get a front row seat to my coaching world. Through these day-in-the-life videos, I share my experience and passion for working with golfers at every level, and how to effectively practice golf, play golf and make the most of any time you have to dedicate to this awesome game. My goal is to help people through my experience so I will not recommend a product or service unless I’ve 1) Used it personally (which will be the case the vast majority of the time). 2) Thoroughly researched it and gotten first-hand user feedback from other professionals I trust and that have used the product/service.” This guy has 147K subscribers, posts daily, and most of his videos get tens of thousands of views, although once in a while he’ll get one in the 100Ks.

8. Golfholics. These guys are the original golf course vloggers. They showcase amazing courses, competition, and course management. Their description states, “We create golf videos that will make you want to play more!  San Diego, CA. New uploads every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9AM Pacific time.” Golfholics has 132 K subscribers, posts three times a week, and gets hundreds of thousands of views.

7. Mr. Short Game. Mr. Short game has one of the highest number of testimonials on golf improvement from his audience in his comments. He’s an entertaining, high energy guy, providing practical golf instruction. His description states, “Mr. Short Game is here to help grow the game of golf in a fun and creative way. As a golf coach I’ve learned that not everybody can be Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus or even Phil Mickelson. However, with some simple golf instruction and swing tips you can become a great player and shoot your lowest scores consistently.  My goal is to give you great videos that will help you understand the golf swing so you can improve in your chipping, putting, driving and have a powerful swing that will last forever. Will you make it to the PGA Tour? Who knows but with the right attitude and instruction you can have more fun and play the game of golf at a very competitive level.” Mr. ShortGame Golf has 166K subscribers, posts three times a week, and gets tens of thousands of views with a few in the hundreds of thousands.

6. Chris Ryan Golf. Chris Ryan is a great classic PGA golf instructor. In his description, he writes, “PGA Coach Chris Ryan brings you weekly instructional content designed to help you practice efficiently, understand your golf swing like never before, and more importantly, get results quickly! The easy to follow videos provide you with all the information you need to play your best golf.  Subscribe now and start hitting your best shots, every time!” Chris Ryan Golf has 242K subscribers, posts twice a week, and his videos get hundreds of thousands of views.

5. Scratch Golf Academy. Adam Bazzeljet is the classic instructor with clear and detailed swing instruction. His description: “Welcome to the Scratch Golf Academy YouTube Channel!  Here you will learn how to increase your golf performance and drop your golf handicap through our online golf lessons.  Learn how to hit the golf ball further and straighter with all your clubs including the driver and your irons.  Learn how to develop finesse around the greens and putt better than ever.  Adam Bazalgette our head golf pro has been the SW Florida PGA teach of the year twice, is a 27 year Class A PGA Member, was the director of the David Leadbetter Golf Academy for 13 years, has taught numerous players that have competed on PGA, LPGA, PGA Champions Tour, and Canadian Tour.  Adam has also appeared on the Golf Channel numerous times.  You will develop the skills needed through his detailed golf instruction.  Please contact our website at for more courses and golf video training tips and lessons.” Scratch Golf Academy has 355K subscribers, posts once a week, and gets tens of thousands of views with a few hitting over a hundred thousand views.

4. Peter Finch Golf. This guy is the UK’s great golf vlogger, entertainer, and instructor. In his description, he says, “Welcome to Peter Finch Golf, one of the largest golf YouTube channels in the world. Here I upload free golf tips, golf drills and advice on how you can improve your game. I coach at Quest Golf Academy in Burnley, England. Please leave a comment and don’t forget to subscribe for more great content 🙂 “ Peter Finch has 361K subscribers, posts twice a week, and gets hundreds of thousands of views.

3. Top Speed Golf. Clay Ballard is the guy for clear, detailed, precise instruction. He is one of the better players of golf YouTubers. In his description, he states, “Welcome to Top Speed Golf’s YouTube channel. Here you will find videos addressing a lot of the questions you may have on the golf swing. If you are looking for a step by step system to learn the most important moves in the swing, be sure to check out the TSG System on our website. In the system we focus on the 5 most important moves in golf. You will find out how players like Jack Nicklaus, Ben Hogan, and Tiger Woods, all have these same moves in common, and how you can learn them too!” Top Speed Golf has 445K subscribers, posts three times a week, and gets tens of thousands of views with a few hitting over a hundred thousand views.

2. MeandMyGolf. These guys are golf’s instructional duo team with great instruction from two perspectives and matching outfits. Their description: “Me and My Golf brings viewers the best content in golf coaching, golf fitness, biomechanics, travel and education to really help golfers Take Charge of their game. Hosted by PGA Golf Professionals Andy Proudman and Piers Ward, they deliver fun, innovative, informative golf content to help keep you entertained and take your game to the next level. Subscribe and Take Charge of Your Game today!” MeandMyGolf weighs in at 719K subscribers, posting once a week, and mostly getting tens of thousands of views but plenty in the hundreds of thousands.

Numero Uno. Rick Shiels Golf. There is no dispute that he’s golf YouTube’s top dog. He’s got a little bit of everything from thorough product reviews and tips for the average golfer. His description: “Welcome to Rick Shiels Golf YouTube Channel, home of Golf Instruction, Golf Coaching, Golf Equipment Reviews, Golf Club Reviews, Golf Course Vlogs, Golf Challenges, Golf Entertainment, Golf Fun and EVERYTHING GOLF! Rick Shiels is a PGA Golf Coach and Golf Professional who creates YouTube videos FREE of charge to help you with your golf game! “ Rick Shiels tops the YouTube golf world with a whopping 1.39M subscribers, posting four to five times a week, and getting hundreds of thousands of views.

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  1. Why does everyone forget about gm_golf? their group has to be in the top five of golf youtubers. Sure they have a smaller following but the quality and entertainment of their videos is top tier.

    • 100% Andy – Garrett’s short game is unbelievable, Micah is such a long hitter and his approach game is excellent – two fun guys who can play the game. Steve, Matt are fun guys who can play the game – with the emphasis on fun.
      Good_Good has great content, with the addition of Kyle and Bubbie – some great golf, lot’s of laughs


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