The Best Golf Chipping Tips! Mr. Short Game!

These are my top 5 golf chipping tips that will help you lower your scores and improve your confidence around the greens. Get up and down more often and never yip or chunk the ball again with these 5 simple golf tips. You don’t have to be Tiger Woods to have a great short game you just have to put in a little practice and do a few drills.

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1 thought on “The Best Golf Chipping Tips! Mr. Short Game!”

  1. Hi Matt,
    Found you on U-Tube, I like your delivery and humour.
    Chipping… I think the ‘one leg’ routine is also good generally, for balance which helps with the golf swing.
    You did a video out on the course showing the Ben Hoggan chip, with the right elbow dug into the side and using the upper body rotation as the control. I use this method and the results are good.
    I may end up subscribing to your channel, you never know.
    Good enthusiastic videos, keep them coming.
    Don’t forget the privilege we have to be able to play this great game.


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