The Best Golf Chipping Tips! Mr. Short Game!

These are my top 5 golf chipping tips that will help you lower your scores and improve your confidence around the greens. Get up and down more often and never yip or chunk the ball again with these 5 simple golf tips. You don’t have to be Tiger Woods to have a great short game you just have to put in a little practice and do a few drills.

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How To Chip From a Bad Lie!

So many times we hit good shots just off the putting green and are faced with a bad break. The dreaded hard pan lie. In this video I will show you a great golf tip that will help you hit these difficult golf shots.

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The Best Short Game Practice Drill!

This indoor golf short game practice drill is not as easy as it seems. Practicing shots at different distances will help develop the feel and precision you need when out on the golf course.

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