The Best Golf Drills to Hit Pure Irons – 5 Stroke Challenge Practice Day 15

This video is filled with the best golf drills to lower your score, hit pure iron shots and learn how to make better golf swings. This simple practice session is put together to help you play better golf fast.

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The Simple Golf Swing Tip for Better Iron Impact!

In this how to video you will learn how to get better hip rotation, make better iron impact and hit your irons straight. Golf impact is a simple thing to achieve with the right coaching and drills. You don’t need to be a PGA Pro to hit pure irons shots.

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Short Game Drill with 7 iron

Are you looking for a go to shot around the greens? Do you stub or chunk shots that seem pretty easy? Or, do you constantly come up short when chipping to the hole?

Then this is the drill for you. No only will this drill help you with your feel and scoring around the greens but it will also help your ball striking with your full shots.

Every shot in golf goes through what I call the “Critical Zone” which is a 3 foot area before and after you strike the ball. Putting, chipping and full shots all go through this zone so the more time you spend in this area the better you will become putting the front of the club on the back of the ball and making that sweet noise of a pure strike.

Watch the video and give it a try during your practice.