How To Pitch Like A PGA Tour Pro! 5 Tips for Golf Pitch Shots!

I give you my 5 tips to pitch like a PGA Tour Pro. Are you having trouble with those 30-50 yard pitch shots? With 5 simple golf tips you can pitch the ball better than ever and lower your scores fast. The golf short game is the place where you can improve your game the fastest and pitching the ball is something that is a must on the course.

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What Bounce is Right for Your Golf Wedges?

Do you know what effect bounce has on your golf shots? In this video I’m at Precision Golf Centers using the GC Quad Launch Monitor and showing you exactly what happens to your ball flight when you hit the exact same club with different degrees of bounce.

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The Biggest Mistake with Chipping and the Drill to Fix It Forever!

By far one of the strangest golf drills I have ever done but one that totally works and will stop you from hitting fat chunk chip shots. This golf tip will transform your short game and give you the confidence you need to pull of those tough little shots around the green.

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8 Golf Hacks to Break 80 in Under 3 Minutes!

These are 8 drills that I actually use all the time and will help you shoot your lowest scores ever. All these drills you can use with just your golf towel.

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The World’s First 3D Golf Swing and Body Motion Analyzer!

Duotrac is the world’s first 3D golf swing and body motion analyzer. This device is designed to help you improve your swing, gain power and become a more consistent golfer. In this video I put it to the test to see if it’s really worth the $150 investment.

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Golf Swing Analysis of a 1 Year Player! Amazing Golf Swing!

In this video I analyze one of your golf swings and give tips and drill how to fix the major issues. This person has been playing golf for a little over 1 year and is well on his way to breaking 80.