Cleveland CBX Wedge Review from Mr. Short Game!

Yes I know the CBX Wedges came out a little while ago but this was my first chance to really test them out at the driving range and around the greens. If you are looking for a wedge that’s easy to hit and gives you a little more distance and forgiveness then this might be something to consider.

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Best Way To Practice Golf – 5 Stroke Challenge Day 16

This is day 16 of our challenge to drop your golf score by 5 strokes in 2 months. Today we are doing a full practice session with putting, chipping, sand shots, wedge shots, 6 irons, hybrids and hitting drivers.

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8 Golf Hacks to Break 80 in Under 3 Minutes!

These are 8 drills that I actually use all the time and will help you shoot your lowest scores ever. All these drills you can use with just your golf towel.

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2 Tips That Will Improve Your Bunker Shots!

Are you hitting the wrong club out of the sand traps? Many people don’t realize that there are different clubs for the style of shot you like to play and one simple thing can make a huge difference.

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