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#1 Grip, Setup, Stance

This video takes you through the basics needed to move through the video series having success as we move to more advanced techniques.

#2 Chip Shots, Proper Grip, Chipping Drill

This video we begin with chip shots and the technique we need to be able to pull this shot off every time with confidence.

#3 Chip & Run Shots

This video we work on the chip and run shot and how to make this work to your advantage.

#4 Pitch Shot Basics, 3 Shot Drill

This video we work on the pitch shot and a great drill to give you the confidence you need when you’re faced with a tight lie on the course.

#5 Short Pitch Shots, Low Med High Drill

This video we work on short pitch shots and a great drill to help you develop the touch and feel to pull off three different kinds of shots.

#6 Long Pitch Shots, Shallow Club Drill

This video we work on long pitch shots and a great drill to help you shallow out the club which is needed with the short game to be able to use the bounce properly.

#7 Deep Rough Shot, Motorcycle Drill

This video we focus on the short pitch shot from the deep rough. One specific technique will help you save shots when your ball is sitting down.

#8 Bad Lie Strategy, Different Club Drill

Learn how to approach the bad lies on the golf course. Here you will know exactly what shot you need to play in the most common situations.

#9 On Course, Using What We’ve Learned

We are on course and putting our hard work to the test. Here you will practice the shots while you’re playing golf and gain the confidence you need to hit the best short shots under pressure.

#10 On Course, Using Short Game for Full Shots

Now you will be able to take all the skills you’ve learned and apply them to your longer swings and become an all around better golfer.












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