“75% of your score belongs to me.”

For the average player 75% of your score come from inside 100 yards. So why do we spend so much time practicing everything but the most important part of the game?

Do you want lower scores? Then follow along for tips, drills, advice and everything short game. We go everywhere we can to learn the secrets of this valuable part of the game. From experts in technique to those who make the equipment, we find out how to play every shot around the green.

What is amazing about everything from inside 100 yards is that almost everybody can become excellent in this area. You don’t have to be a long bomber or have a 100 mph swing speed. All you need is some valuable advice and to know what and how to practice. I’ve seen 5 year old kids to 95 year old adults become skillful artists of the short game. So if they can do it so can you.

Follow along for a journey that sure to be filled with adventure.


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