Pitching Videos!

This is the short in-between shots. Those 50-75 yards that give many golfers a huge problem. Here I give you 3 different options to try out so that you can have the most chance for success.

In this video I talk about pitching the golf ball and the specific pieces that are needed to have consistency. Yes you can pitch like the PGA tour pros if you keep things simple and work on just a few simple golf thoughts.

The High Pitch Shot is something you will need from time to time so make sure you know how to pull it off.

Looking for a shot that will help you get out of trouble when you short side yourself then this could be the answer.

Things to remember.

1 – Weight on your front foot.

2 – Aim a little bit left of target.

3 – Open the club face up so it is square or open to your target.

4 – Swing of the path of your aim.

5 – Let your hips generate club speed through impact.

6 – Finish on your toe with your hands low.