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Meet Your Golf Instructor

Matt Fisher is a former college golfer at San Diego State University. He started golfing at age 18 with no money or instruction and developed a system to become good at golf in a very short period of time. Over the past 20 years, he has refined his system and is now offering it to you.

What are people saying

Great video Matt! You're really helping me. I started in October with a 38 handicap. As of December 4th my handicap is now 16. I couldn't break 100. Now I've broke 90 twice with most of my scoring in the low 90's. I'm going to start trying the strategy you mentioned in this video. I know it won't be easy for me since I've only birdied two holes since October 1st. Golf sure is getting more fun! Thanks again!

<p>Nathan Pahman</p>, <p>Subscriber</p>

Nathan Pahman


Thankyou Mr.ShortGame for the awesome tip on how to break 80 for I have been stuck here for awhile, I really needed some guidance in regards to the mental side and this vid gave me a starting place, Thank you so much! Happy Golfing!

<p>Nathaniel Landeros</p>, <p>Subscriber</p>

Nathaniel Landeros


Dude, you have been the only instructor that I have given a thumbs up. Now I get all your new releases. I like your technique. I only play about 5 times a year. I want to get better and you are the key. It is winter now but I will take this to the range or course. I just want to say thank you. 😊

<p>Mike Eikermann</p>, <p>Subscriber</p>

Mike Eikermann


Great teaching, very practical. I like your video a lot, thank you very much

<p>Trung Hoang D</p>, <p>Subscriber</p>

Trung Hoang D


Thank you so much for the tips. Because of you I am now able to get my 2 iron launch into the air with a 124 yard hit at half swing. You have taken the fear out of long irons for me. Awesome!

<p>ms usa</p>, <p>Subscriber</p>

ms usa


Thank you sir I have been playing golf for 3 years now for the first 2 and a half years I shot a 121 now I'm shooting in the high 90s. Thanks again you ROCK!

<p>Frank White</p>, <p>Subscriber</p>

Frank White


Mr. Short Game Instruction

Practice should have a purpose and should transform your game without you having to think about all the technical aspects of the golf swing.

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